Advantages of Pepper Soup (G.D.K)

We all have had chicken soup, noodle soup, tomato soup and even pepper soup, but have you ever thought about the health benefits behind these simple dishes? Oh! Well, we at Dalekh are here to tell you why having pepper soup is so important for your health.

The Nigerian Pepper soup is a popular Nigerian dish which is so versatile in nature it can be prepared with various types of fish and meat. Thus, you have the option of having Chicken pepper soup, Catfish pepper soup, Cow leg pepper soup, assorted beef pepper soup and Goat meat pepper soup. A lot of people often go to exclusive African restaurants and bars to have pepper soup. The reason behind this is that it is believed that the Nigerian pepper soup has a "secret" ingredient which is only known to the Madams of the restaurant. Yes! The pepper soup has a secret ingredient which gives the soup its earthy aroma, unique taste and medicinal qualities.

You may not have known this, but it's true. Pepper soup, though may be a Nigerian delicacy, has high medicinal qualities with its aromatic spices and flavors that are used to prepare this dish. Since it can be eaten anytime, it's good to have it during periods of recuperation such as after child birth or illness and it's even great for blood circulation, the heart and more importantly, your soul.

Top African restaurants are competent in providing delicious pepper soup. All the ingredients in pepper soup including thyme also help in promoting a healthy appetite. It's perfect for clearing your cold as well as fever and helps in cleansing your digestive tract. If you take it on a regular basis, it can even help in improving any underweight problems as well.

You should take pepper soup especially if you're anemic or get tired both mentally and physically very quickly. It even helps with most female associated problems. As a natural medicine practice, pepper soup is recommended as a body building protein that generates loads of antibodies that help the immune system fight against viruses and bacteria's.

You can even mix and match spices in this simple dish such as adding a spoonful of raw cayenne pepper in your pepper soup. Having it twice a day will heal any peptic ulcer that you're suffering from and will improve your digestive system like indigestion.

The Nigerian pepper soup is just like the traditional American soup except for that it's spicy, thus the name Pepper soup. It's completely up to you how you prepare this versatile soup. You can cook it to your liking; if you have a taste for catfish, then you can easily prepare it with catfish, if beef or chicken is what you fancy then you easily prepare the pepper soup with an added ingredient of beef or chicken. No matter what the ingredient, at the end of the day the spices and herbs used to prepare this simple yet magnificent dish provide you with enough medicinal qualities that are beneficial for you.

So the next time you see mama in the kitchen preparing a bowl of pepper soup, there's no harm in trying it out.
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